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ESLint plugin that allows running TSLint rules within ESLint to help you migrate from TSLint to ESLint. ✨


Per What About TSLint?, we highly recommend migrating off TSLint. See Getting Started for documentation on how to lint your TypeScript code with ESLint.


yarn add -D @typescript-eslint/eslint-plugin-tslint


Configure in your ESLint config file:

"plugins": [
"parserOptions": {
"project": "tsconfig.json",
"rules": {
"@typescript-eslint/tslint/config": ["warn", {
"lintFile": "", // path to tslint.json of your project
"rules": {
// tslint rules (will be used if `lintFile` is not specified)
"rulesDirectory": [
// array of paths to directories with rules, e.g. 'node_modules/tslint/lib/rules' (will be used if `lintFile` is not specified)

Note: The ability to automatically fix problems with --fix is unavailable for TSLint rules loaded with this plugin.


This plugin contains only a single rule: @typescript-eslint/tslint/config.